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Gold nuggets, crystalline gold, specimens and gold nugget jewellery for sale at wholesale prices direct from the prospector in Australia.

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Me detecting for gold nuggets on a salt lake.They call me  'Lady Of The Lake'  because I do most of my prospecting for gold nuggets on or around salt lakes in West Australia.

I sell the nuggets I find direct through this internet site and I also make my own gold nugget jewelry.



star.gif (7385 bytes)MOST nuggets, specimens and jewellery on this website are now sold
 and I am in the process of updating the site.


star.gif (7385 bytes)Salt Lake Gold Nuggets - Supergene Gold? some interesting photos! -  see this page

New items added to this site will always be announced here at this spot.
So to save you searching through the site for newly listed items just check here first.

star.gif (7385 bytes)The Famous Golden Stonefish Nugget - 226 ounces!!!
For story and details go to .... this page




Thinking of doing a trip to Western Australia to prospect?  Read  PROSPECTING IN WA

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I will be away for two weeks at a time on prospecting trips and unable to respond to emails during these times. If you would like me to hold an item for you send me an email. Although I will not respond to the email, the item will be held for you from the date of your email.



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  Most of he Gold Nuggets and Gold Specimens for sale on this site  have been found by myself with a metal detector . I have now decided to sell most of my special collection of gold nuggets and specimens many of which were found back in the 80's.

Gold Nuggets like these are now becoming very rare.




          If you are interested in gold nugget prospecting in Australia, then have a look at my own prospecting experiences on salt lakes and my photos or

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